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Good food is an expression of love.

How it works:

Food Containers — Chef can use existing containers or purchase new containers for you. Containers are not included in the package pricing. 

Transportation — There is no additional travel fee for the South Jersey area. Anything within a 30-mile radius will incur a $0.67/mile plus the cost of the tolls. 

Groceries — The cost of groceries is not included in the pricing. Chef Jerzy will customize your menu and grocery list and will do the grocery shopping for all meals. 

Deposits — Your deposit is due upon reservation. This secures your day and will go towards your final bill. 

The Process — A chef will come to your house for a free consultation. During this meeting we will discuss your menu options, and what package you prefer. A chef will then come to your home one day a week and prepare your meals for that week. All meals will be packaged and put away in your fridge. All meals will be color coordinated to match the menu that will be placed on your fridge so that you may identify the meals. 


Cooking class can be a fun way to get together with friends or our family. These cooking classes are great for Adult and kid birthday parties, Bachelorette or bachelor parties, or just a fun way to hang out. 
Cooking classes are a one-time 2-3hour class taught by an Executive Chef. The class is designed to provide a hands-on application and give you the skills to prepare and eat healthier, higher quality ingredient and better tasting food at home. All classes include demonstration of meals and most with sides with samples. Additionally included are the recipes and nutrition analysis of each recipe demonstrated for your reference. Successful and other professionals may co-facilitate the cooking class. 

We offer all types of cooking classes such as Kids camp, holiday classes and more.  

Adult classes start at $125 per person. 

Children classes and kid camps start at $100 per person. This also includes aprons for each child.
This price includes the cost of supplies needed for the class and the cost of groceries. 


Gourmet Cooking Classes

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Other meal service options can be offered if these packages do not fit your needs.

For example, we can custom the meal service plan to include less entrees per week, a dessert option, a few salads for lunches.

Let’s chat and figure out what will work best for you! 

Custom  Meal Packages

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Couples package or singles person = 10 meals 

5 entrée/ 2 servings - $425  

Standard package = 20 meals 

5 entrees/ 4 servings =$640 

Large package = 30 meals  

5 entrees/6 servings = $765 

Chef services include menu planning, grocery shopping, meal preparation and clean up. The cost of groceries is not included. The fee will vary based on the number of guests and number/types of dishes to be served. 

All packages include 1 appetizer, 1 entree, 2 sides. Desserts and salads are an additional fee.

In-Home Private Chef Services & Meal Delivery

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The above packages can be offered as meal delivery as well.

If you choose to have your meals delivered, they will be packaged in a disposable/ or reusable container. Each menu item will be labeled and you will receive reheating instructions.

The mileage fee is $0.59 cents per mile.

Questions & Answers

Does the price of chef services includes groceries?

No, the price listed is the service price and does not include groceries. 

However, I am mindful when doing the groceries and I do bargain shop.

Do you do the grocery shopping?

Do you offer custom packages?

Yes! Please contact me so we can chat about your needs. 

I'm ready to book!

Yes, I do all of the groceries and cleaning. All you do is heat up the food and enjoy!!